Is John Yoo back? Clinton tells Egypt to stick with Mubarak and his constitution

I thought the US Government sent the discredited law professor John Yoo back to Berkeley. Yet somehow his tortured approach to constitutional law is now back at work in the Obama Administration.

According to this NY Times report Hillary Clinton, like Yoo a Yale Law School graduate, is arguing that the Egyptian revolution should abide by the constitutional structure established by the thirty year old dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. Little surprise that would require in her eyes that Mubarak should stick around awhile.

Instead of John Yoo, Hillary Clinton should take the advice of Bruce Ackerman, who teaches at Yale Law School. He says that nations pass through certain “constitutional moments” in which the rules are rewritten. Certainly the current events in Egypt qualify.

Clinton Warns Against Hasty Exit for Mubarak in Egypt –