Is the Muslim Brotherhood selling out the Egyptian revolution?

It is not well understood but the US government has often worked closely with Islamic fundamentalists. In fact, we armed them to help fight the USSR in Afghanistan and then that movement morphed into the Taliban. We backed the same fundamentalists in Bosnia to help break up the former Yugoslavia, too.

Now it appears we have found a way to rope the Islamic movement into helping break apart the Egyptian revolution. The massive general strike and insurrection, which has won major pieces of territory in Egypt, is now under attack in a deft attempt to split the movement. First, a self-appointed “Council of Wise Men” emerged to propose that the torture leader Suleiman take over the powers but not the office of the President, so that Mubarak could stay in power. And that was endorsed by Frank Wisner, Obama’s envoy to Egypt. Obama himself has refused to call for Mubarak to go so he appears to be supporting the same kind of approach.

Under that pressure, now the Muslim Brotherhood is engaged in negotiations with Suleiman himself and are indicating in this Bloomberg report at least that Mubarak can stay.

No doubt this will cause great dissent, if true, in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria and perhaps even among the rank and file of the Brotherhood itself.

Muslim Brotherhood Says ‘Safer’ With Mubarak for Now – Bloomberg.