Former Obama advisor Slaughter bites Qaddafi hand that fed her

The Libyan dictatorship paid a Cambridge consulting firm, The Monitor Group, $3 million to help clean up its global image a few years ago. Mother Jones magazine broke the story just a few days ago.

Among the consultants sent to Libya was Princeton professor Anne Marie Slaughter and her husband, also a Princeton professor, Andrew Moravscik. Moravscik wrote a slavishly positive op ed on the Qaddafi regime upon their return, calling the regime our “best hope” in the region. No, I am not kidding.

Slaughter was a top official of the State Department until just before the Mother Jones story broke – the timing of her resignation suggests it was not voluntary. One report said she is in China on an extended leave.

But not far enough away to prevent her from defending U.S. global interests. Slaughter is thumping in The New York Times today for US-led intervention in Libya.

Sad, but not surprising, that the Times would give her the time of day.

Fiddling While Libya Burns –