“Yes to the Libyan Revolution, No to US Intervention”: Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Below is a link to a new and important statement on the Libyan events by the New York based Campaign for Peace and Democracy. It argues for support for the democratic effort to oust the Qaddafi regime but stands against the attempt by the US and NATO to intervene militarily.

As I have pointed out it is not altogether clear that the intervention was necessary to prevent a massacre in Benghazi, there is evidence that the intervention provided Qaddafi the excuse to crack down on working class dissent in Tripoli, which he still controls and there was an alternative, namely military support from the Egyptian revolutionary movement, something that was apparently gaining steam when the US, UK and France began their air attacks.

In addition, there are now news reports that the NATO forces are willing to and actually have attacked rebel forces using the UN resolution as political cover.

The Campaign has a long history of supporting independent movements for democratic social change that date back to the the campaigns against cruise missiles in Europe as well as the democratic uprisings in eastern Europe. Thus, the publishing of the statement should provide a helpful corrective to the misleading arguments of some on the so-called “democratic left” such as Ian Williams and Bogdan Denitch, co-founder and honorary chairman of Democratic Socialists of America, that the left should give up its independent perspective and get in bed with the US military and NATO. Denitch, of course, has a long history of supporting Western intervention, dating back to his support of NATO bombing to break up Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Campaign for Peace and Democracy.