SAG arrest threat story collapses – mea culpa

A controversial report earlier this week by SAG anti-merger activist Michele Santopietro posted on several social media sites that SAG general counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and SAG Communications Director Pamela Greenwalt threatened Santopietro and a second SAG member, Samantha Hartson, with arrest has now collapsed as the two actors now differ significantly in their explanations of the event. It is no longer clear that anyone was ever threatened with arrest.

It does look as if an overly zealous property manager got a bit hot and bothered by the presence of leafletters outside his building but it’s not clear that this had anything to do with the ongoing merger debate in SAG.

The building manager’s name is John Carter, so maybe this was all part of a guerrilla marketing for that new movie. Who knows.

In light of the serious issues under discussion, however, it is unfortunate that this saga was played out here and on various social media.  Obviously had there been any attempt to intimidate SAG members by SAG staff that would have been a very serious matter.   Rather than try to sort out the constantly shifting stories from Hartson and Santopietro, I would like to apologize to my readers for the confusion I may have caused in trying to sort out what happened.

3 thoughts on “SAG arrest threat story collapses – mea culpa”

  1. Yes, I’m grateful for your diligent reporting on the issue and trying to get to the bottom of it, Mr. Diamond. What is clear is that the women were bullied while protesting with anti-merger leaflets outside of the SAG building. If they were in their legal right to be there and engage in said activity, then by whom they were bullied or for what reason is secondary. Being bullied for dissent is unAmerican.

  2. Actually I think you, “Doug,” are the one engaged in wishful thinking. It actually made me sad to think that senior staff of a major union could be involved in something like this. And of course if you read the original posts on this story carefully you would have understood that I did not report that Crabtree-Ireland had actually made an arrest threat only that a well known SAG anti-merger activist said he did.

    There remain several important unanswered questions about the incident. These include: 1) did the building manager threaten Santopietro with arrest prior to the arrival of Samantha Hartson? 2) did anyone from SAG give the building manager instructions to harass SAG anti-merger activists in any manner including a possible threat of arrest? 3) why was Crabtree-Ireland present on the scene at all given that he is never reported to show up at demonstrations, including those against merger, when far larger numbers of protestors are present at SAG HQ?

    Unfortunately, because of the misleading statements made when the story originally broke, I have not been able to find out the answers to these questions. In the end, however, this is a problem for SAG members not for me as it is their union that remains in deep trouble.

  3. Hmm, that must mean that Hartson or Santopietro is lying about what happened. My guess is M.S., based on her reputation after the petitions fiasco. You fell for it so readily because it made you happy to believe it was true.

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