SAG-AFTRA getting hit from all sides

As I posted a few days ago, the former Membership First group now calling themselves United Screen Actors Committee, sued SAG-AFTRA over the question of foreign royalty payments. I have just obtained a copy of the complaint and you can read it here. Once I have a chance to digest it, I will see if there is anything worth discussing. I have already made my major point: there may be a problem here, even a big one, but lobbing law suits against their own union does not turn the SAG-AFTRA ship in a new direction. That requires a vision and a strategy. It’s not clear that the new USAC intends to put forward such a vision.

Meanwhile, the incumbent pro-merger SAG-AFTRA leadership is under pressure from its own ranks over the question of closing regional offices. The latest salvo is a letter from Governor Kitzhaber of Oregon in defense of the SAG-AFTRA office in Portland, which SAG-AFTRA NED David White has said must close.

Critics have pointed out that these offices play an important strategic role for SAG-AFTRA and any decision about them should be part of a wider debate about the future of the union at its upcoming convention.

They are right.