Fordham Law’s new campus – the Jesuits know how to build a law school!

We were in NYC recently for meetings so decided to take advantage of the visit to tour the new Fordham Law School campus. As fans of Robert Caro’s magisterial biography of Robert Moses (and also because my wife’s uncle was President of Fordham when it first joined Moses in building Lincoln Center) we wanted to look at the campus and Lincoln Center from the view point of urban development.

How could a Jesuit law school hope to make a statement about its presence in a city like New York particularly when you are competing with schools like NYU and Columbia?

Our visit left little doubt that the Jesuits have made that statement. The setting is spectacular and the building is stunning. They had to raise $250 million to build the campus but it includes housing which means it generates revenue for the school and solves a housing problem for law students in a very expensive city.

The campus sits on the opposite side of the main Lincoln Center building complex from the Julliard (which you can see in the background of the video linked below).




Click for video sweep of the law school setting