In a telling sign that American workers will be sitting at the back of the bus in the Obama administration, the first pro-labor appointment to the new Administration was made […]

The UAW continues its descent into obsolescence today with an announcement that it will offer more concessions to help the Big Three bosses secure a safe and happy retirement.  At […]

Time Magazine has written a good story on the current crisis rippling across the automobile industry and it didn’t hurt that they quote me to good effect.  Last year I […]

The relationship between the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, the founder and leader of the now defunct terrorist organization Weather Underground, is deeper and closer than […]

Special Global Labor Repost. Originally Posted April 22, 2008. Updated October 13, 2008 with additional information on Chicago Annenberg Challenge. See June 19, 2008 post: That “guy who lives in […]

Ayers/Obama Update: The David Blaine Award Goes to ... The New York Times Magic Act!

The Sulzberger family has been in the newspaper business for a very long time. When they decide that they want to shape public perception they know how to do it. […]

While there is a great deal of talk these days about whether or not an Obama Administration would be engaged in “appeasement” if it puts in place its proposed “dialogue […]

Some things speak for themselves and certainly this clip from a speech by Che Guevara on how workers should sacrifice their free time for the state is a classic example, […]

Are there real unions in China? A debate with labor historians David Brody and Nelson Lichtenstein, labor economist Ken Jacobs and legal scholar Stephen Diamond

I was part of a debate recently with some other academics on labor rights in China. You can listen to it here. It runs about an hour and a half. […]