In a backroom maneuver California’s Republican governor has sent a signal that he will side with corporate and Wall Street insiders who are fighting efforts to reform corporate governance. California’s […]

One of the key points raised by Asian Times commentator Henry Liu in his important series on the dollar and China is that Chinese workers are facing rising unemployment and […]

Even Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has now made clear that he is concerned about the apparent free fall of the U.S. dollar. After more than a decade of using […]

Thanks go to Harold Meyerson for an excellent editorial in today’s Washington Post on the recent announcement by retail giant WalMart that it would be willing to recognize unions in […]

Here is a link to an interesting analysis of venture capital funding and jobs. It appears that although there has been a recovery of venture capital financing in Silicon Valley […]

My article on China and the international labor movement recently appeared in the U.C. Davis Journal of International Law and Policy. An earlier version of the article was published in […]

In the spring of 2000, China’s huge state-owned oil company PetroChina attempted to sell nearly 10 billion dollars worth of stock on the New York Stock Exchange and the Hong […]

Dramatic changes in the Chinese economy are having a major impact on workers and the international labor movement. Here is a link to a book review I wrote for Dissent […]

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