Did Bill Ayers Really Write Obama's Memoir Dreams from My Father?

As King Harvest noted several days ago, there is growing evidence that, indeed, Bill Ayers was a close collaborator if not actual ghost writer of Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams from […]

Barack Obama’s Visit to the Other Ayers House

Barack Obama visited the house of Tom and Mary Ayers, parents of former Weather Underground activist turned education professor Bill Ayers, in the mid-1980s to thank the Ayers’ for their […]

Peeling the Obama/Ayers Onion

A layer at a time, the truth about the decades old relationship between Barack Obama and former Weather Underground terrorist turned “educator” Bill Ayers is becoming clear. The latest revelation […]

The rise and fall of Van Jones

This recent unsurprising resignation of White House official Van Jones brought back memories of my days at Yale Law School. Back then we knew him as Van “the Man” Jones […]

It took the New York Times five interviews with me by three different reporters and they still did not get the story about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers in the […]

Bill: Thou doth protest too much, methinks. Striking how he ignores his own written statement that he was “family friends” with Obama, that he and Obama ran the Chicago Annenberg […]

The relationship between the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, the founder and leader of the now defunct terrorist organization Weather Underground, is deeper and closer than […]

Ayers/Obama Update: The David Blaine Award Goes to ... The New York Times Magic Act!

The Sulzberger family has been in the newspaper business for a very long time. When they decide that they want to shape public perception they know how to do it. […]