In this clip from CBS News Coast Guard Commander Thad Allen admits (at min 1:46) the federal government had video of the oil spill from “day one” but decided, for […]

The Obama Paradox

I first wrote this in February in the wake of the Haitian disaster. It reads, sadly, as prescient today in the wake of our environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf. […]

Obama is finally rolling out some of the heavy artillery. Coast Guard’s Mary Landry is out. Eric Holder is off to the Gulf to consider possible prosecution of BP – […]

BP Oil Spill: Obama's Katrina or Chernobyl?

As it becomes clear that BP is hiding the truth, that in fact they do not have the spill under control, the real question for Obama now is whether this […]

This Wall Street Journal report makes clear the kind of malfeasants the Obama Administration has put in charge of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf. BP Decisions Made Well […]

At the outset of this video briefing by BP several weeks ago watch BP CEO Tony Hayward admit clearly that BP has NEVER dealt with a problem like the current […]

BP Oil Spill Disaster: Step one - Thad Allen has to go

As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” Thad Allen of the Coast Guard today defended the Obama Administration decision to let BP handle the oil spill by saying […]