August 2010

After years of hard work by organized labor, pension activists and, finally, friendly politicians, the SEC has bit the bullet to allow shareholders under (very) limited circumstances to spend their […]

Pundita: Ah I see from this map of Mexico that we've had everything backward.

An important post by Pundita this AM. There is an insurgency underway in Mexico today – but the question is, who are the real insurgents? Folks, forget Somalia, forget Yemen, […]

Behind the Ground Zero Mosque Imbroglio - Obama's "Zebra Nation" worldview at work

In our “Zebra Nation,” resolution of racial and ethnic division in favor of a genuinely integrated and pluralist nation is impossible so provocative demands are used instead to gain leverage by “shouting fire in a crowded theater,” thus shocking any (white) people from responding or even better clearing the room entirely and allowing control of the space to shift.