Global Tectonics

The theme will be the application of law to the problems created by what I call “global tectonics.” I intend to consider problems like the Ukraine, Boko Haram, Mexican drug […]

Putin dances to the tune of fictitious capital

Today’s Financial Times has a front page story on the newest stage of the Russian crisis. Putin’s Russia is being hit by both western sanctions as a result of its […]

Global Tectonics: Pentagon confronts militant dilemma in Africa

As this story and fascinating accompanying map indicates, the US military presence in Africa follows major conflicts at the heart of global tectonics – the setting where a global grab […]

From California to the Middle East, huge areas of the world are drying up and a billion people have no access to safe drinking water. US intelligence is warning of […]

I posted this originally last August only when the MSM showed no interest in it as an op-ed. I wonder if they share my regrets about the accuracy of my prediction? […]

It was clear enough during the 2008 campaign but many ignored it. It became more clear as Obama took office and attempted to “engage” with authoritarian regimes all around the […]

I heard a very interesting paper presented yesterday at the Comparative Politics Workshop at Stanford by Oendrila Dube who is visiting there from NYU. It is a thorough empirical analysis […]

Law and Labor in the Fields: Social Justice Workshop - Spring 2014 Semester

My spring seminar, Law and Labor in the Fields, is underway. Our first guest speaker will be here this coming week, Thursday, January 30. He is Frank Bardacke, the author […]

Workers play a big role in these global ‘middle-class’ revolutions | Richard Seymour The Guardian.  

Wall Street Journal panics in face of Egyptian revolution

As the ordinary Egyptian population stood up and said it was no longer willing to follow Iran and other middle eastern countries into the abyss of authoritarian and fundamentalist Islamist […]