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I am NO LONGER organizing a seminar to take place in the fall at my law school on “global tectonics.” Instead I will be working on a book project. But […]

Putin dances to the tune of fictitious capital

Today’s Financial Times has a front page story on the newest stage of the Russian crisis. Putin’s Russia is being hit by both western sanctions as a result of its […]

In the wake of the recent Hobby Lobby decision by the US Supreme Court readers may be interested in my earlier take on the corporate personhood debate published on line […]

This post is co-authored by Stephen Diamond and Jennifer Kuan. Jennifer is an economist based at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. The post is based in part on an event […]

It was clear enough during the 2008 campaign but many ignored it. It became more clear as Obama took office and attempted to “engage” with authoritarian regimes all around the […]

Law and Labor in the Fields: Social Justice Workshop - Spring 2014 Semester

My spring seminar, Law and Labor in the Fields, is underway. Our first guest speaker will be here this coming week, Thursday, January 30. He is Frank Bardacke, the author […]

My first time on NPR’s Marketplace! (But I would never the use the word “squat” outside the gym.) How the @### is Twitter going to make money? |  

I discussed this issue on Nightly Business Report with Julia Boorstin recently. Investors and Twitter | Nightly Business Report.  

Workers play a big role in these global ‘middle-class’ revolutions | Richard Seymour The Guardian.  

Vic Fleischer gets it right about tenure (even though I disagree with his views on VC’s carried interest.) The recent downturn in the general economy is impacting legal hiring and […]