Obama and the Chicago teachers' strike - you reap what you sow

The President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, is putting a brave face on the “strike” by Chicago teachers. Only a few weeks ago she was lauding the […]

Behind the Ground Zero Mosque Imbroglio - Obama's "Zebra Nation" worldview at work

In our “Zebra Nation,” resolution of racial and ethnic division in favor of a genuinely integrated and pluralist nation is impossible so provocative demands are used instead to gain leverage by “shouting fire in a crowded theater,” thus shocking any (white) people from responding or even better clearing the room entirely and allowing control of the space to shift.

The Obama Paradox

I first wrote this in February in the wake of the Haitian disaster. It reads, sadly, as prescient today in the wake of our environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf. […]

I sent the following letter to The New York Times‘ “Public Editor” Clark Hoyt yesterday: Dear Mr. Hoyt, I find it curious that you are concerned that it is the […]

The Myth of the "Manchurian President"

Two of the most vociferous and reactionary figures in the anti-Obama movement have now joined forces to put together the latest attack on the President. Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott […]

New Yorker's Remnick Confirms Ayers Role in Obama Rise to Power

In his just published biography The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama David Remnick of The New Yorker magazine confirmed the role of Bill Ayers in the appointment […]

Sweet Turns Sour: What Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet Won't Admit

The Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet criticized Sarah Palin here for discussing the Bill Ayers controversy in her new book yesterday. Sweet says Palin was wrong about the significance of […]

The Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece recently that caught my attention. It’s here. It’s an attack on the shift in Obama’s human rights policy apparently written by Brett […]

Berkeley Law's Edley Joins Ayers Renaissance - Maoist Klonsky Applauds

Although exiled to California after the election, one of the key “racism explains everything” advisors around the Obama campaign, Berkeley Law Dean Chris Edley, has resurfaced to push the Obama […]

The "Renaissance" of Bill Ayers

In the recent hubbub about whether or not Bill Ayers really admitted to a conservative blogger in the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. his actual role in the writing […]