Steve Jobs says Foxconn is a “pretty nice” place to work. If he thinks that will stand up to even a cursory examination of life for China’s industrial workers, he […]

Chinese workers revolt; Steve Jobs spins; Silicon Valley call to investigate labor conditions in China

On the 21st anniversary of the crushing of the Tienanmen Revolt of 1989, the Financial Times has taken official notice of what we have been following at Global Labor/King Harvest […]

A rare MSM spotlight on Han Dong Fang of China Labour Bulletin

Han Dong Fang of the independent Hong Kong based China Labour Bulletin comments in this FT video on the recent labor unrest and tragic Foxconn suicides. A wildcat strike at […]

And so, as the economy began to fail in 2008 and as factories closed by the tens of thousands, workers took to the streets, especially in the country’s export powerhouse, […]

Worker protest by suicide is a horrible fact of life in China. It serves as more evidence of the misguided approach to labor rights that the new human rights team […]

Obama State Department Official Kowtows to China on Human Rights

In a significant diplomatic victory for the Chinese “communist” regime, the State Department’s leading human rights official, Michael Posner, conceded that human rights is a relative issue not a universal […]

With all due respect to the dogged and important reporting of Randy Shaw at BeyondChron on the SEIU v. NUHW saga, I differ with his suggestion today that Andy Stern, […]

The role of internet companies in aiding and abetting the repression of human rights in China is an old story that does not get nearly enough attention here in Silicon […]

For this we dissed the Dalai Lama? The pro-Obama media machinery is excusing the lame trip of Obama to Asia, particularly China, as reflecting the weakness of America relative to […]

Did the Beijing-friendly Andy Stern, head of the low wage immigrant workers based union SEIU, green light the Obama Administration’s new “constructive engagement” policy with China? Stern has been a […]