Dalai Lama

Obama State Department Official Kowtows to China on Human Rights

In a significant diplomatic victory for the Chinese “communist” regime, the State Department’s leading human rights official, Michael Posner, conceded that human rights is a relative issue not a universal […]

Obama Meets With Dalai Lama at White House Now, was that so difficult?  

The role of internet companies in aiding and abetting the repression of human rights in China is an old story that does not get nearly enough attention here in Silicon […]

For this we dissed the Dalai Lama? The pro-Obama media machinery is excusing the lame trip of Obama to Asia, particularly China, as reflecting the weakness of America relative to […]

Did the Beijing-friendly Andy Stern, head of the low wage immigrant workers based union SEIU, green light the Obama Administration’s new “constructive engagement” policy with China? Stern has been a […]

Obama gets the Nobel - human rights movement gets the boot

Norwegians must not be reading the papers these days.  Consider Obama’s recent record: 1) Sending Valerie Jarrett to Dharamshala to tell the fellow Nobel Prize winner Dalai Lama that he […]

Obama tells Dalai Lama to sit in the back of the bus

In perhaps the most cynical move of his young Administration to date, Barack Obama is refusing to welcome the Dalai Lama to the White House this week, a courtesy the […]