The Obama Paradox

I first wrote this in February in the wake of the Haitian disaster. It reads, sadly, as prescient today in the wake of our environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf. […]

New Yorker's Remnick Confirms Ayers Role in Obama Rise to Power

In his just published biography The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama David Remnick of The New Yorker magazine confirmed the role of Bill Ayers in the appointment […]

Sweet Turns Sour: What Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet Won't Admit

The Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet criticized Sarah Palin here for discussing the Bill Ayers controversy in her new book yesterday. Sweet says Palin was wrong about the significance of […]

Berkeley Law's Edley Joins Ayers Renaissance - Maoist Klonsky Applauds

Although exiled to California after the election, one of the key “racism explains everything” advisors around the Obama campaign, Berkeley Law Dean Chris Edley, has resurfaced to push the Obama […]

The relationship between the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, the founder and leader of the now defunct terrorist organization Weather Underground, is deeper and closer than […]