Goldman Sachs

Read this analysis of Jeremy Siegel on the illogical nature of the SEC strike suit against Goldman as a helpful antidote to the hysteria being propagated by people like Yves Smith […]

The Wall Street Journal explains how one of the coziest industry regulators, Mary Schapiro of the SEC, is now trampling the rule of law in order to win political points. […]

As readers know I am somewhat sceptical of the basis of the claims against Goldman Sachs made by the SEC regarding their role as a market maker in a derivatives […]

Larry Ribstein of the University of Illinois seems to think the SEC has Goldman by the you know what according to this piece in Business Week. He called Goldman’s behavior […]

As King Harvest has said repeatedly, here and here, for example, at the heart of the credit crisis are various forms of fictitious capital, most notoriously “synthetic” securities like those […]

The Greek Tsunami?

With a tsunami its not the first wave that counts, it’s when the water recedes and then ever so slowly a second wave approaches that the alarm bell should sound. […]