human rights

Worker protest by suicide is a horrible fact of life in China. It serves as more evidence of the misguided approach to labor rights that the new human rights team […]

The role of internet companies in aiding and abetting the repression of human rights in China is an old story that does not get nearly enough attention here in Silicon […]

[See my newest post on the Yoo issue here.] The Dean of any law school is responsible for the future professional lives of the nation’s lawyers. At the heart of […]

For this we dissed the Dalai Lama? The pro-Obama media machinery is excusing the lame trip of Obama to Asia, particularly China, as reflecting the weakness of America relative to […]

A few years ago Cal State Chico “Marxist” economist Michael Perelman argued with me on his “Progressive Economists Network” that the Cambodian genocide, if it really happened at all, was […]

 Former US Marine, now a State Department officer, resigns over Afghan War

The first significant resignation in protest over the US quagmire to be in Afghanistan has taken place. A link to the letter from Matthew Hoh is below. Hoh told the […]

The Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece recently that caught my attention. It’s here. It’s an attack on the shift in Obama’s human rights policy apparently written by Brett […]

Sudan Sellout: Obama tsunami collapse on human rights hits Africa

The so-called “President” of the authoritarian regime of Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, is under indictment for crimes against humanity by the fledgling International Criminal Court in connection with repression in […]

Obama tells Dalai Lama to sit in the back of the bus

In perhaps the most cynical move of his young Administration to date, Barack Obama is refusing to welcome the Dalai Lama to the White House this week, a courtesy the […]

Tian'anmen - Then and Now...

Around the world this week millions will remember the brave Chinese students and workers who stood up to the Chinese “communist” autocracy in May and June of 1989 and paid […]