The labor movement may have thought it had left its red-baiting days behind it. But Andy Stern, the ousted SEIU president, is apparently not ready to let the old days […]

Andy Stern is not yet out of the way but the battle among SEIU’s top officials for control of the 2.2 mn member union is well underway. Early reports had […]

With all due respect to the dogged and important reporting of Randy Shaw at BeyondChron on the SEIU v. NUHW saga, I differ with his suggestion today that Andy Stern, […]

AFTRA Jumps the Gun - Proposes New Union in Entertainment and Media Space

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or AFTRA, surprised many in the entertainment and media industry yesterday with a call for the formation of a new union to […]

Did the Beijing-friendly Andy Stern, head of the low wage immigrant workers based union SEIU, green light the Obama Administration’s new “constructive engagement” policy with China? Stern has been a […]

Tian'anmen - Then and Now...

Around the world this week millions will remember the brave Chinese students and workers who stood up to the Chinese “communist” autocracy in May and June of 1989 and paid […]

You can measure the difficulties of the labor movement by the number of lawyers in the room.  The more there are the deeper the problems.   I started out in […]

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich met with an unnamed official of the Service Employees International Union to discuss a possible pay off of the Governor in return for his appointment of […]

While there is a great deal of talk these days about whether or not an Obama Administration would be engaged in “appeasement” if it puts in place its proposed “dialogue […]