Unite For Strength

One of the surprises out of this weekend’s SAG National Board meeting is the general lack of animosity from Membership First over the process for hiring an NED. It looks […]

The Quiet American: LA Times Profiles SAG President Ken Howard

We learn two things in the LA Times profile today of the new SAG president, Ken Howard. First, the Times confirms what was rumoured in the run up to the […]

Is SAG Hobbled at the Starting Gate?

As the new leadership takes over at SAG they will have to face up to the tight constraints that the last round of bargaining placed them in. In light of […]

SAG's Paradox

Understandably, there is joy in Tinsel Town this week as the Screen Actors Guild, the entertainment industry’s largest union with nearly 100,000 voting members, ousted the hardline and short sighted […]

If you thought there was electoral trouble in Iran and Afghanistan, you haven’t been paying attention to the battles unfolding inside the Writers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild. Well, […]

SAG Watch, the website run by an anonymous group of SAG moderates, is reporting that Ned Vaughn, the leader of the Unite for Strength faction inside SAG is backing off […]

The long running drama of SAG’s dragged out contract talks with Hollywood Producers more than likely comes to an end tomorrow when ballots are counted for and against ratification of […]

Well, I hope it won’t disappoint my readers but how actors should vote on the current contract is not for me to say. But it should be said that there […]

You can measure the difficulties of the labor movement by the number of lawyers in the room.  The more there are the deeper the problems.   I started out in […]

The big Hollywood studios, bleeding heavily with the weight of the deepening recession, have apparently PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN with a new “last, best and final offer.” Ironically, this one […]