New Media: If Warners can get paid why not workers?

In light of the debate among actors about whether collective bargaining is feasible in the world of new media, it is enlightening to consider the kinds of deals already being inked between production companies and digital distribution companies.

Some representatives of the employers in EMI, like Nick Counter at the AMPTP argues digital technology is “so new” and “so unknown that it would be…a mistake to try to work out a formula at this point.” AMPTP’s Counter tackles virtual future.

Even some in the labor unions that represent EMI workers echo this argument as became clear rather abruptly at the Screen Actors Guild last week. (See my post below.)

Why is it so difficult to engage in collective bargaining over these new revenue streams? Apparently YouTube has no problem figuring out how to reward Warners Music Group for content as indicated in this joint announcement by the two companies today.

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.