Daily Archives: September 24, 2006

S.A.G. debate over commercials contract

Screen Actors Guild members Will Lyman and Mark Carlton both commented here on my blog (see 9/16 entry below) on the recently concluded commercials contract negotiations that led to the infamously intemperate email from Guild President Alan Rosenberg to former Guild officer and contract ratification opponenet, Laird Stuart. I think their contributions help frame the issues as stake in the new era. This is an important discussion that those concerned about the future of labor in EMI and beyond should pay close attention to.

Carlton and Lyman comments

Last one out the door, turn off the lights….

Predictably, the New York Times suggests in this article that collaboration with the auto employers is the only way out for the once powerful United Auto Workers. Not once is there any mention of the need for an alternative industrial policy for America. Nowhere do they mention the possibility of the union movement leading a political movement to reorganize the American economy to increase productive employment, finance health care for all and help end the race to the bottom triggered by post Cold War globalization. If the labor movement accepts the Times approach then it truly is lights our for the American labor movement.

UAW Looks to Collaborate With Automakers – New York Times