The Screen Actors’ take on media ownership – V

Alan Rosenberg of S.A.G. is on now to introduce Guild VP Anne Marie Johnson. Rosenberg has now stepped away to allow Anne Marie to speak for the Guild. Not exactly sure why the Guild is doing it this way but Rosenberg clearly wanted to make an appearance. Anne Marie is concentrating on diversity issues for the moment, recalling the importance of seeing an African-American doctor (as in the Cosby show) and linking that to the courage of an independent producer. And a hit on reality shows evokes some applause from the audience noting the value to the Guild of ensemble shows. She wants the FCC to require that 25% of network programming be provided by independents. Now she is getting down to bread and butter issues noting the salary compression that results from concentration of ownership. This is at the heart of the impact of ownership changes. Of course, big money and new technology drives this process and that makes the job of the unions all the more challenging. And now Anne Marie has stopped to loud applause.

2006 Review of the Media Ownership Rules