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Welcome to PrudentBear.com


I want to introduce visitors to Finance Capital to another website which is deserving of a regular visit by anyone concerned about the evolving crisis in global finance. For nearly a half dozen years or so I have been reading the Prudent Bear site that is linked below.  
The site is hosted by an investment company that manages investment funds based on bearish sentiment about the economy.  I am not recommending or expressing any opinion about the funds themselves. They may or may not be of interest to you. 
But the website is a gold mine of information about some of the most important issues at stake in the world economy today.  Each day it posts headlines and links to news articles from around the world about the economy. And its hosts serious writers who write original material for the site on a variety of issues.  
A regular weekly column is written by Doug Noland  which tracks the “credit bubble.”  Doug saw what is happening today – kind of like a train wreck in slow motion – coming years ago.  Anyone who was reading Doug five years ago was well prepared to grasp the dynamics of the current environment, whether from a policy or an investor stand point.
I should say that I do not always agree with what is written on the site. It is limited to financial issues and only rarely ventures into the political and social implications of economic and financial events – a void that this blog will attempt to fill. But much of what the site does is provide its readers with a basic education into issues that for many are overwhelmingly complex.
One other feature of the website is that it hosts a chat room called Bear Chat.  This is not for the fainthearted but often the discussions are intense and fascinating if sometimes a bit over the top.  Lots of theories about the markets and finance and even politics get debated and argued over. Makes for fascinating reading.

Kruisfontein Welcome to PrudentBear.com