Hot startup companies face a dilemna: how to generate liquidity for early stage investors and employees without conducting an IPO, or “initial public offering.” An IPO requires the preparation of […]

Deadline Hollywood is not generally a reliable analyst of Hollywood labor issues. Its founder, Nikki Finke, is at best a naive and mindless supporter of whatever seems to her the […]

WGA Signals Tough Stand in Upcoming Labor Negotiations

Like SAG, the Writers Guild elected leadership moved towards what was thought of as a more moderate group in the wake of a lengthy strike in 2008. But that has […]

Choking on a bite of the Apple: how dumb can CalPers get?

If the corporate governance movement wanted an easy target in the technology world you would think they would take aim at the HP board whose board chair used corporate resources […]

SAG and AFTRA concluded contract negotiations in what is likely a record time this contract round – more than six months prior to the scheduled contract expiration date. Now the […]

Remembering Ron Santo

I knew Ron Santo, first, from a distance, as a lifelong Cubs fan and then, when he retired, as one of his regular caddies when he turned to golf at […]

The Red Envelope, Please - Did SAG Drop the Ball on New Media?

A few years back when Membership First was in control of the Screen Actors’ Guild I made the point that their harping on “new media” such as internet based delivery […]

Part one of my interview on The Real News Network on the recent GM IPO is here: Obama GM Strategy a Lost Opportunity and part two is here. You can read […]

Chalmers Johnson, influential scholar and critic of US foreign policy, dies at 79

Some 20 years ago, I was a visitor at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies on the U.C. San Diego campus. My office was across the hall […]

"The Big Fail" - a legal black hole in the economy

Adam Levitin explains why the legal problems at the heart of the real estate crisis may end up making the last three years look like a speed bump. The problem […]