April 2010

Capitalism eats its young: Criminal probe of Goldman underway

What is bizarre about this report of a Department of Justice probe into Goldman is that the SEC case is weak and that means any criminal case is likely to […]

As I follow the hearings today it is clear that Senator Levin and co. just do not understand how the financial markets work. No matter how Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd […]

Sami Zubaida, who was on my dissertation committee at the University of London, penned this respectful obituary for the late Fred Halliday, a brilliant and important independent left intellectual. Fred […]

Today’s Senate assault on Wall Street was a sure sign of the disconnect between American politics and modern capitalism. It became clear as the hearing unfolded that the panel convened […]

As readers know I am somewhat sceptical of the basis of the claims against Goldman Sachs made by the SEC regarding their role as a market maker in a derivatives […]

It is highly troubling that the SEC split on whether to pursue Goldman Sachs in the ABACUS CDO deal. Of course, the vote was 3-2 along party lines, but this […]

Andy Stern is not yet out of the way but the battle among SEIU’s top officials for control of the 2.2 mn member union is well underway. Early reports had […]

Larry Ribstein of the University of Illinois seems to think the SEC has Goldman by the you know what according to this piece in Business Week. He called Goldman’s behavior […]

Well, rhetorically, at least. This Goldman press release argues it was all ACA’s fault. No explanation for the email traffic indicating Goldman itself thought the role of Paulson & Co., […]

Henry Blodget, famed analyst from the dot com bubble (which he helped created), thinks the SEC case against Goldman Sachs is weak. I beg to differ and suggested to him […]