Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

Scott Walker goes Greek – the real agenda in Wisconsin

This essay in the Guardian makes the key point about Wisconsin and also shows why a narrow trade union approach to the issue will fail. Walker is implementing the Greek solution – the looting of public goods to fend off the bond markets.

Greece tried it and it failed and it nearly brought down the EU. If the Republicans want to go down this road they better be ready for the consequences.

But the left must broaden their response – it is about trade union rights but only because the trade union acts a check on the abuse of power that would return to the state sector if these reforms go through.

Scott Walker’s real agenda in Wisconsin | Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers

Egypt Could Rescue Libyan Revolution

Forget a US led No Fly Zone or a Nato intervention force, the force that could save the Libyan chapter of the people’s revolt in the Middle East and North Africa now is the Egyptian military.

It is an army in which all Egyptians serve – its leadership is corrupt but no doubt the reason that leadership was not willing to use force to crush the Egyptian revolution was the fear that the rank and file soldier would refuse and then it would be all over for the officer corps.

Now that army faces a real test and so does the heart and soul of this region-wide movement. As the brutality of Qaddafi is on full display against poorly armed people’s forces, the Egyptian army could intervene and tip the balance.

Not only would the Libyan revolution have a chance to succeed, it could be the first step to genuine regional independence from the world state system that has sent only the IMF and World Bank, together with training in torture of dissidents, to the region over the last two decades.