Hollywood makeover for YouTube

First Netflix, now Google/YouTube. Silicon Valley’s technology companies continue their assault on the aging business model in Hollywood. Netflix announced recently that it had purchased exclusive rights to distribute a new TV show produced by Media Rights, a group linked to talent agency William Morris Endeavor. Now YouTube is talking about doing deals through talent agents with star actors to produce content for distribution on its popular platform.

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  1. Eric Hughes

    It was announced yesterday that Netflix has signed a deal with Paramount to stream Paramount content in Canada, a deal which includes “exclusive subscription television rights to all first-run films”.

    Netflix will be able to stream Paramount content before HBO, Showtime, and other subscription providers.

    Since launching in Canada in September Netflix has been on a mission to catch its Canadian service up to its streaming platform in the U.S.

    The five-year deal will deliver more than 350 audiovisual works including not only recent Paramount content such as IRON MAN 2 and SHUTTER ISLAND but content dating back to the previous century, such pre1960 works as SUNSET BOULEVARD, A PLACE IN THE SUN, ROMAN HOLIDAY, SHANE, and the recently restored Cecil B. DeMille remake of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    Netflix is also finalizing a five-year $100 million deal with Miramax for 700 audiovisual works.

    You wrote here last week that three years ago the WGA, DGA, SAG and AFTRA “had secured a promise of a reopening of bargaining over revenues generated by new media such as online streaming, a space that is undergoing huge growth…

    But that re-opener just did not open up”.

    Not only do writers, performers and directors not have crackerjack exclusive representation, our exclusive representation has cracked.

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