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Right to work but not a right to their own truth at Fox

You had to be sharp tonight to see through the provocateur antics of Fox News “reporter” Steven Crowder. Crowder went to Lansing to “report” on the labor demonstration against the new right to work legislation. But his real purpose was to raise a “ruckus” as he himself tweeted several hours earlier: “All aboard the ruckus wagon.”

Crowder had no visible identity card indicating that he was media. And as he himself admitted on Hannity he engaged in action to “defend” anti-union protestors. In other words, he went beyond reporting the demonstration and became the story, which is arguably a violation of his obligation as a reporter.

He got into the ruckus he went looking for and in the process a protestor falls or is pushed to his knees and only then takes a swing at Crowder, understandably.

The right wing blogosphere went nuts. But Crowder posted a doctored video that cut out the picture of the union man down on his knees. Instead his doctored clip makes it look like the union guy came out of nowhere to take a punch at Crowder. At least Hannity posted the full tape and it clearly showed the union man on all fours, seconds after Crowder approached him with his hands raised.

Update Wed afternoon: Crowder himself was asked this afternoon on Twitter (@scrowder) how Union guy ended up on his knees at feet of Crowder and Crowder said he had pulled the man away from the tent.

Update Wed. PM: On Hannity tonight one guest said he watched entire footage of event and said it showed Crowder throwing Union guy to ground. In response, Crowder screamed, in so many words, “he was pulling on the tent and he went down.”

Update: The Times catches up late last night here.

Crowder’s doctored version is here.

The full version showing union guy (in black cap) on all fours is here. Key moments start around 1:20.