Dean Ferruolo of the Universiy of San Diego will likely – and understandably – ignore the call for his apology or resignation issued by Professor Brian Leiter of the University […]

A recent meeting of the State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners (CBE) suggests to me that the California Bar may have a problem with race. That is, its leaders do […]

The State Bar of California has released a study today it conducted of the so-called “cut score” which determines who does and does not pass the California bar exam. Using […]

As loyal readers of this blog well know, California legal education has been facing severe pressure as demand by recent college graduates for a J.D. has fallen off despite a […]

The downturn in bar exam passage rates in California has triggered an important debate about the future of legal education. The bar passage rate in July 2016 hit a 32 […]

The Daily Journal ran a guest column by me on the closing of Whittier Law School last week.  

Confirming earlier blog posts (here and here) on the Whittier College law school closing, KPCC Radio reported yesterday that Whitter College President Sharon Herzberger stated the decision to close was […]

Chicago’s Brian Leiter weighed in today in the great Whittier Debate on the side of his north side colleague Dan Rodriguez. He endorses Rodriguez’s claim that blogging about the shutdown […]

A few years ago my wife hosted a conference on education reform here in Silicon Valley. After she gave her opening remarks she was approached by an urbanely dressed man […]

Inevitably law school critics are crowing over the recently announced closure by Whittier College of its 50 year old ABA accredited law school. The news shocked and angered students who […]