Back in 2017 I wrote several blog posts and a guest column in the Daily Journal raising the possibility that the shutdown of Whittier College’s law school was premature in light of […]

The massive hype surrounding the crypto world is unlike anything I have witnessed over three decades in and studying the financial markets. This includes my direct participation in the securities […]

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court presents a significant risk to the social and political rights of Americans. The risk to women is particularly sharp because Kavanaugh […]

Many on the right are making as much as they can out of the confrontation that occurred recently between a conservative law professor, Josh Blackman, and students during a visit […]

Continuing a decades old trend, employment of lawyers increased yet again from May, 2016 to May, 2017, in the latest data released March 30, 2018, by the Bureau of Labor […]

Tesla shareholders won an important victory for shareholder rights today, at a time when Silicon Valley CEO’s continue to try to wrest power away from their investors through various mechanisms […]

Run, don't walk, to watch The Young Karl Marx

Dean Ferruolo of the Universiy of San Diego will likely – and understandably – ignore the call for his apology or resignation issued by Professor Brian Leiter of the University […]

A recent meeting of the State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners (CBE) suggests to me that the California Bar may have a problem with race. That is, its leaders do […]

The State Bar of California has released a study today it conducted of the so-called “cut score” which determines who does and does not pass the California bar exam. Using […]