Whither labor now?


Completely shocked that his attack on the American law school has something in common with the Cato Institute and the Koch Brothers after taking an all expenses paid trip to […]

Professor Campos and his colleague Professor Scott Lemieux at their blog (once dismissed by liberal journo Glenn Greenwald as a “cesspool” – after mistakenly spending a few minutes today interacting […]

In the renewed debate over the relative health of legal education that has taken place on blogs and elsewhere of late, Professors Tamanaha and Merritt, widely known as opponents of […]

The picture The New York Times paints today about recent law school graduates sure sounds bad. Struggling 2010 Columbia JD who hoped to become a law firm partner appears to […]

The elephant in the room spooks Colorado Law's Paul Campos

Consider for a moment, if you have the fortitude, the dismal plight of anti-law school gadfly Paul Campos, who somehow still collects a very comfortable salary from the oh-so-tolerant taxpayers […]

Above the Law’s David Lat was let into the pages of the Washington Post today in an attempt to feed the beast of myth making about law school. This is […]

Professor Paul Campos thinks of himself as a kind of liberal (despite taking up the anti-lawyer rhetoric of the reactionary right wing Cato Institute – at an event held in […]

A major blow to the idea that there can be engagement with the Chinese state unions as described in the Wall Street Journal. Another account here: Chinese state cracks down, […]

New research by Simkovic and McIntyre delivers another blow to law school critics' case

Exhaustive analysis by law professor Michael Simkovic and finance professor Frank McIntyre demonstrated conclusively that earning a JD provides a lifetime earnings premium relative to going through life with just […]