Professor Campos jumps the shark and then tries once more to get his maths right

When we last left him Professor Campos was tripping all over himself trying to sort out medians and means. Now, however, I think we finally have a set of straightforward […]

In a recent post I pointed out that Professor Campos of the University of Colorado Law School had – once again – made an error in the way in which […]

When we last checked in at the pseudo-lefty website that for some reason allows the Federalist Society’s second favorite law professor to blog there, there was no sign that Professor […]

New York Times takes another shot at law schools and puts up an air ball

Noam Scheiber of the New York Times went out to Hoosier land and decided he understood the entire market for legal education. This effort resulted in a lengthy profile of […]

Fordham Law's new campus - the Jesuits know how to build a law school!

We were in NYC recently for meetings so decided to take advantage of the visit to tour the new Fordham Law School campus. As fans of Robert Caro’s magisterial biography […]

[Cross posted at Eric Goldman’s Technology and Marketing Law Blog.] At the heart of an important and deeply troubling faculty committee report involving academic freedom at Marquette University is the […]

Remember: the securities laws cover unicorns just like every other species!

The big news in Silicon Valley this week was the Wall Street Journal report that “unicorn” medical testing startup Theranos is being investigated by both the Department of Justice and […]

In a recent interview, a very confused New York Daily News reporter continually mixed up the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve in the face of a very straightforward statement […]

It will be a race at Yahoo – can the current board engineer a sale of assets sufficient to satisfy shareholders while under challenge by a competing slate of directors […]

One of the enduring myths about lawyers is that there is a deep incurable structural crisis in incomes and jobs for lawyers. In fact, lawyer incomes and the number of […]