[Cross posted at Eric Goldman’s Technology and Marketing Law Blog.] At the heart of an important and deeply troubling faculty committee report involving academic freedom at Marquette University is the […]

Remember: the securities laws cover unicorns just like every other species!

The big news in Silicon Valley this week was the Wall Street Journal report that “unicorn” medical testing startup Theranos is being investigated by both the Department of Justice and […]

In a recent interview, a very confused New York Daily News reporter continually mixed up the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve in the face of a very straightforward statement […]

It will be a race at Yahoo – can the current board engineer a sale of assets sufficient to satisfy shareholders while under challenge by a competing slate of directors […]

One of the enduring myths about lawyers is that there is a deep incurable structural crisis in incomes and jobs for lawyers. In fact, lawyer incomes and the number of […]

Earlier this month, two faculty activists at Chicago State University (CSU) prevailed in the face of a motion to dismiss a lawsuit they had filed in federal court against CSU’s […]

Professor Campos and his colleague Professor Scott Lemieux at their blog (once dismissed by liberal journo Glenn Greenwald as a “cesspool” – after mistakenly spending a few minutes today interacting […]

In the renewed debate over the relative health of legal education that has taken place on blogs and elsewhere of late, Professors Tamanaha and Merritt, widely known as opponents of […]

A major blow to the idea that there can be engagement with the Chinese state unions as described in the Wall Street Journal. Another account here: Chinese state cracks down, […]

The theme will be the application of law to the problems created by what I call “global tectonics.” I intend to consider problems like the Ukraine, Boko Haram, Mexican drug […]