Obama State Department Official Kowtows to China on Human Rights

In a significant diplomatic victory for the Chinese “communist” regime, the State Department’s leading human rights official, Michael Posner, conceded that human rights is a relative issue not a universal […]

With all due respect to the dogged and important reporting of Randy Shaw at BeyondChron on the SEIU v. NUHW saga, I differ with his suggestion today that Andy Stern, […]

AFTRA Jumps the Gun - Proposes New Union in Entertainment and Media Space

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or AFTRA, surprised many in the entertainment and media industry yesterday with a call for the formation of a new union to […]

SAG's NED Un-Debate - Vallywood replies to the critics

My post The Dog That Did Not Bark has struck quite a nerve on both sides of the aisle, so to speak, among SAG members. Just to summarize the state […]

My Op-ed on AFL-CIO President Trumka

The McClatchy Newspapers have picked up my op-ed on Richard Trumka, the new AFL-CIO President.  So far it’s run in the Providence (RI) Journal, Buffalo News, Sacramento Bee, the Pittsburgh Tribune and the […]

Richard Trumka - Former Coal Miner is new AFL-CIO President

The Wall Street Journal interviewed me for this story about the ascension of Richard Trumka to the Presidency of the AFL-CIO. I explained to them that the labor movement faces […]

Tian'anmen - Then and Now...

Around the world this week millions will remember the brave Chinese students and workers who stood up to the Chinese “communist” autocracy in May and June of 1989 and paid […]

You can measure the difficulties of the labor movement by the number of lawyers in the room.  The more there are the deeper the problems.   I started out in […]

GM Bankruptcy and Labor: From Sit Down Strikes to Credit Default Swaps

The United Auto Workers gave organized labor a beachhead in the American economy with the great sit down strikes of 1937. Some seven decades later organized capital is looking to […]

In a telling sign that American workers will be sitting at the back of the bus in the Obama administration, the first pro-labor appointment to the new Administration was made […]