Should we blame Richard Nixon for the financial crisis?

Here’s an interesting idea: we can blame Tricky Dick Nixon for the financial crisis. Well, that’s one way to get at the historic roots of the credit market and banking […]

FASB, the accounting entity responsible for setting basic rules of the road for financial statements, bowed to political pressure today and in a 3-2 vote gave breathing room to the […]

I made an attempt to explain to my international finance students today why the Geithner plan won’t work, relying heavily and gratefully on the wonderful analysis of Salman Khan of […]

Arianna Huffington appears to confirm here what I blogged on yesterday – that the recent “outrage” that the President is all choked up about might just have been contrived by […]

I was interviewed on Oakland-based KTVU about the AIG scandal. You can watch it here. A key point I was not able to work into the discussion: we need to […]

The markets gyrate, he says, up and down, like a political poll. And so he does not pay attention. He keeps his eye on the “long run”. I guess none […]

Dr. Doom: 2 more years, no bottom yet; where is Geithner?

The man of the hour, Dr. Doom aka Nouriel Roubini of the NYU Business School, suggests we are in a prolonged U shaped recession that has at least 20 months […]

Nobody says it quite like a Brit, and of all the Brits who write on finance, one can count on Martin Wolf of the Financial Times to tell it like […]

Tax cheat aka Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner failed the laugh test today as markets sunk dramatically. The supposed growth sector of our economy, the NASDAQ, is sitting at 1550, folks […]