The long running drama of SAG’s dragged out contract talks with Hollywood Producers more than likely comes to an end tomorrow when ballots are counted for and against ratification of […]

You can measure the difficulties of the labor movement by the number of lawyers in the room.  The more there are the deeper the problems.   I started out in […]

GM Bankruptcy and Labor: From Sit Down Strikes to Credit Default Swaps

The United Auto Workers gave organized labor a beachhead in the American economy with the great sit down strikes of 1937. Some seven decades later organized capital is looking to […]

Arianna Huffington appears to confirm here what I blogged on yesterday – that the recent “outrage” that the President is all choked up about might just have been contrived by […]

In a telling sign that American workers will be sitting at the back of the bus in the Obama administration, the first pro-labor appointment to the new Administration was made […]