Obama and the Chicago teachers' strike - you reap what you sow

The President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, is putting a brave face on the “strike” by Chicago teachers. Only a few weeks ago she was lauding the […]

Behind the Ground Zero Mosque Imbroglio - Obama's "Zebra Nation" worldview at work

In our “Zebra Nation,” resolution of racial and ethnic division in favor of a genuinely integrated and pluralist nation is impossible so provocative demands are used instead to gain leverage by “shouting fire in a crowded theater,” thus shocking any (white) people from responding or even better clearing the room entirely and allowing control of the space to shift.

In this clip from CBS News Coast Guard Commander Thad Allen admits (at min 1:46) the federal government had video of the oil spill from “day one” but decided, for […]

The Obama Paradox

I first wrote this in February in the wake of the Haitian disaster. It reads, sadly, as prescient today in the wake of our environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf. […]

I sent the following letter to The New York Times‘ “Public Editor” Clark Hoyt yesterday: Dear Mr. Hoyt, I find it curious that you are concerned that it is the […]

Obama is finally rolling out some of the heavy artillery. Coast Guard’s Mary Landry is out. Eric Holder is off to the Gulf to consider possible prosecution of BP – […]

Colin Powell on Oil Spill - we need "decisive force"

Indeed. Arrest Tony Hayward and bring in the Navy’s deep sea teams to deal with this. We have had deep sea capacity since the days of nuclear subs and the […]

BP Oil Spill: Obama's Katrina or Chernobyl?

As it becomes clear that BP is hiding the truth, that in fact they do not have the spill under control, the real question for Obama now is whether this […]

Obama, finally, visits oil spill area - UPDATE: Top Kill appears to have failed

Obama looks and sounds more like a victim of the oil spill than the leader who will solve the problem. As much as I hate to admit it, Peggy Noonan […]

This Wall Street Journal report makes clear the kind of malfeasants the Obama Administration has put in charge of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf. BP Decisions Made Well […]