Daily Archives: October 18, 2006

Who is watching what when?

Today’s New York Times reports on a dispute among major players in the rapidly changing world of television. It appears that noone really knows how to measure the impact of changing technology on advertising revenues. This is particularly intriguiing in light of internal political developments in the major union representing actors in the EMI sector, the Screen Actors Guild. Recall from earlier posts here that Guild President Alan Rosenberg took a huge political hit from erstwhile allies in the Guild’s more radical Membership First faction for backing an extension of the Guild’s collective bargaining agreement with the advertising industry pending the outcome of a two year study of change in the revenue modesl of the industry. If those who try to track the industry like Nielsen cannot agree on how to model the changes, what is the value of waiting two years to carve up the pie?

A Question of Eyeballs – New York Times