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A new blog for a new era….

For the time being I will be blogging over at Finance Capital. This is a new blog project that I have been thinking about for some time.  I think the new global situation demands greater attention to the issues raised by finance capital.

As I point out there: 

The great global credit crisis of 2008 indicates how fragile the global capitalist system remains. At the heart of global capitalism is the creation of financial instruments that represent real economic activity. The institutions that manage these instruments shape the basic structure of the global economy. This blog aims to assess the impact of these institutions on global politics.

Feel free to join me over there or look around here for past posts.

Global unrest emerges as financial pain spreads

The underside of the global credit crisis is rising social unrest. Food riots, price hike demonstrations, and other forms of protest are becoming more common. A kind of global wildcat strike is emerging as global inflation takes its toll.  A solution to the global financial crisis will likely require political restructuring as well.  The shape of that restructuring remains as up in the air as the solution to the financial side of this worldwide cataclysm.

Indonesian police use water cannon to disperse protest – The China Post