February 2012

SAG comic falls flat on labor law issue

SAG comic, Allen Lulu, has never, as far as I know, played a lawyer in reality or on TV, but that has not stopped him from misinterpreting federal labor law […]

Rethinking the SAG-AFTRA merger proposal - deck chairs on the Titanic?

Over the past few months I have been following closely the proposed merger between the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA. The logic behind merger, at least in the form proposed […]

The proposal to merge SAG, currently incorporated in California, with AFTRA in a new Delaware non-stock corporation has sparked an intense debate among SAG members. No explanation for the decision […]

In what might end up being the biggest case of blowback in Hollywood this season, the pro-merger forces in SAG and AFTRA apparently leaked a 2003 study of union benefit […]

Making good on its threat over the last few weeks, the ghost of Membership First has risen with figures like Ed Asner, Ed Harris, Anne-Marie Johnson and Martin Sheen leading […]

Tearing up the SAG card: how merger with AFTRA could open the door to a non-union Hollywood

When one steps back from the bitter debate now engulfing the Screen Actors Guild over whether to ratify a proposed merger with sister guild AFTRA, it becomes clear that the […]

In the category of “you can’t make this stuff up,” AFTRA President Roberta Reardon reportedly told a roomful of SAG members at SAG headquarters in Los Angeles last night that […]

The Obama team started out using the birth control issue to throw key centrist Catholic Democrats like Bob Casey under the bus. But once that blew up in their faces, […]

Heck, even Amnesty International is critical of Hollywood’s stance on piracy. In Piracy Debate, Is the Sky Falling? – NYTimes.com.  

Among the most important considerations that unions have to take into account in today’s rapidly changing economic environment is how to gain a foothold in their industries. With longstanding and […]