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Wash. & Lee’s experiment with 3d year

Bill Henderson has data and it looks like a success.

Washington & Lee is the Best Legal Education Story of 2013 | William Henderson.

A review of Tamanaha

I have integrated the substance of several of my prior posts here on the future of the American law school into a review essay of Brian Tamanaha’s book, Failing Law Schools, and posted it on my SSRN page.

Celebrate new year with “Rights and Revolution”



From the back cover:

The victory of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua in 1979 opened up a major new battleground in the Cold War between east and west. That larger conflict caused many to ignore or misjudge the domestic battle for democratic rights carried out by ordinary Nicaraguans, first against the Somoza dictatorship, and then against the Frente Sandinista, which led the Revolution. In Rights and Revolution: The Rise and Fall of Nicaragua’s Sandinista Movement, political scientist and legal scholar Stephen F. Diamond examines the conflict inside Nicaragua from a viewpoint that is critical of the FSLN, which was allied closely with Cuba and the Soviet Union, and of the United States, which formed a proxy army to overthrow the FSLN regime. Such an independent viewpoint yields important and original insights into the complex relationship between authoritarianism and democracy in the developing world.

Rights and Revolution: The Rise and Fall of Nicaragua’s Sandinista Movement: Stephen F. Diamond: 9781600421860: Books.