January 2013

Bill Henderson has data and it looks like a success. Washington & Lee is the Best Legal Education Story of 2013 | William Henderson.  

I have integrated the substance of several of my prior posts here on the future of the American law school into a review essay of Brian Tamanaha’s book, Failing Law […]

As part of an effort to examine claims that law schools were responsible for “creating” the mismatch in the market for law jobs today I took a look at the […]

Will "separate but equal" return to the American law school?

It is instructive to listen to or read one of the many eloquent speeches of Martin Luther King today and recall how important it was to the progress of civil […]

It’s such a great idea, it turns out some one has come pretty close to proposing it already. I was contacted by Professor Marsha Cohen at Hastings about their new […]

The debate over whether or not law school is a “scam” would seem to be largely over. Court after court has dismissed cases against law schools for charges of misleading […]

Law school is not a "scam" but you don't want to end up like Liz Wurtzel

Introduction The law school is a “scam” argument depends, in my view, on some tendentious ideas. A “scam” implies that law schools take people’s money and leave them with nothing. […]

  From the back cover: The victory of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua in 1979 opened up a major new battleground in the Cold War between east and west. That […]