A major blow to the idea that there can be engagement with the Chinese state unions as described in the Wall Street Journal. Another account here: Chinese state cracks down, […]

I am NO LONGER organizing a seminar to take place in the fall at my law school on “global tectonics.” Instead I will be working on a book project. But […]

My guest post on an important court victory for faculty free speech can be found here.  

Putin dances to the tune of fictitious capital

Today’s Financial Times has a front page story on the newest stage of the Russian crisis. Putin’s Russia is being hit by both western sanctions as a result of its […]

In a clear affirmation of the longstanding right of women and girls in California to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, the Director of California’s Department of Managed […]

Misguided approaches to the Cold War and the authoritarian regimes supported by both Washington and Moscow abound. My hope that this volume would do a better job were disappointed. Human […]

In the wake of the recent Hobby Lobby decision by the US Supreme Court readers may be interested in my earlier take on the corporate personhood debate published on line […]

The hidden history of the Equal Rights Amendment - my newest book, better late than never

The Center for Socialist History has just published my book The Hidden History of the Equal Rights Amendment which I had the privilege of co-authoring with the late Hal Draper. […]

I posted this originally last August only when the MSM showed no interest in it as an op-ed. I wonder if they share my regrets about the accuracy of my prediction? […]

This post is co-authored by Stephen Diamond and Jennifer Kuan. Jennifer is an economist based at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. The post is based in part on an event […]