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GM Bankruptcy and Labor: From Sit Down Strikes to Credit Default Swaps

The United Auto Workers gave organized labor a beachhead in the American economy with the great sit down strikes of 1937. Some seven decades later organized capital is looking to […]

Despite widespread reports that the United Auto Workers union will emerge as the controlling shareholder of a restructured Chrysler, that is not formally true. But a closer look suggests that […]

The Good Senator from Nissan – oops, I mean, Tennessee – Bob Corker, should be asked to register as a foreign agent. He seems more interested in lowering US living […]

For Wall Street, $7 trillion, no questions asked. For Main Street, bupkus.  Believe it or not this suggests to me that private capital still pins its hopes on globalization: the […]

It’s not about competition – it’s about our standard of living Opponents of the government loans to the Big Three Auto companies contend that if American companies cannot compete they […]

A deal appears to be in the works to keep the Big Three on life support. Worldwide  

The UAW continues its descent into obsolescence today with an announcement that it will offer more concessions to help the Big Three bosses secure a safe and happy retirement.  At […]

Time Magazine has written a good story on the current crisis rippling across the automobile industry and it didn’t hurt that they quote me to good effect.  Last year I […]