Credit Crisis

FASB, the accounting entity responsible for setting basic rules of the road for financial statements, bowed to political pressure today and in a 3-2 vote gave breathing room to the […]

I made an attempt to explain to my international finance students today why the Geithner plan won’t work, relying heavily and gratefully on the wonderful analysis of Salman Khan of […]

I was interviewed on Oakland-based KTVU about the AIG scandal. You can watch it here. A key point I was not able to work into the discussion: we need to […]

Dr. Doom: 2 more years, no bottom yet; where is Geithner?

The man of the hour, Dr. Doom aka Nouriel Roubini of the NYU Business School, suggests we are in a prolonged U shaped recession that has at least 20 months […]

"There Will Be Blood"

I have not been a fan of popularizers like historian Niall Ferguson, but one has to admit that he puts his finger on the depth and complexity of the current […]

The New York Times is reporting that the financial rescue plan to be unveiled by the tax cheat aka “Treasury Secretary” Tim Geithner tomorrow emerged after a bruising battle against “populists” […]

For awhile some advocates of globalization contended that China and other developing countries were immune from the banking crisis hitting the US and other advanced economies. They argued a so-called […]

Every spring I teach securities law to law students and until this year it has always felt somewhat odd to lecture about Ponzi schemes. After all, didn’t this kind of […]

Obama SEC nominee, Mary Schapiro, passed one test today: she knows how to handle herself in front of a Senate committee. Not a simple ordeal, as I found out myself […]