Read this analysis of Jeremy Siegel on the illogical nature of the SEC strike suit against Goldman as a helpful antidote to the hysteria being propagated by people like Yves Smith […]

The Wall Street Journal explains how one of the coziest industry regulators, Mary Schapiro of the SEC, is now trampling the rule of law in order to win political points. […]

As readers know I am somewhat sceptical of the basis of the claims against Goldman Sachs made by the SEC regarding their role as a market maker in a derivatives […]

Every spring I teach securities law to law students and until this year it has always felt somewhat odd to lecture about Ponzi schemes. After all, didn’t this kind of […]

In one of the most stunning displays of arrogance and incompetence rolled into one, today’s hearing before the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee has to be seen to […]

Obama SEC nominee, Mary Schapiro, passed one test today: she knows how to handle herself in front of a Senate committee. Not a simple ordeal, as I found out myself […]