My Op-ed on AFL-CIO President Trumka

The McClatchy Newspapers have picked up my op-ed on Richard Trumka, the new AFL-CIO President.  So far it’s run in the Providence (RI) Journal, Buffalo News, Sacramento Bee, the Pittsburgh Tribune and the […]

You can measure the difficulties of the labor movement by the number of lawyers in the room.  The more there are the deeper the problems.   I started out in […]

GM Bankruptcy and Labor: From Sit Down Strikes to Credit Default Swaps

The United Auto Workers gave organized labor a beachhead in the American economy with the great sit down strikes of 1937. Some seven decades later organized capital is looking to […]

Despite widespread reports that the United Auto Workers union will emerge as the controlling shareholder of a restructured Chrysler, that is not formally true. But a closer look suggests that […]

The Senate Republicans favorite Auto companies are leading the race to the bottom – not in their Asian sweatshops but right here in the United States.  See this important article […]

The Good Senator from Nissan – oops, I mean, Tennessee – Bob Corker, should be asked to register as a foreign agent. He seems more interested in lowering US living […]

For Wall Street, $7 trillion, no questions asked. For Main Street, bupkus.  Believe it or not this suggests to me that private capital still pins its hopes on globalization: the […]

No surprise but another sign of the tough sledding Labor will have in the Obama era…. Kausfiles : PATCO in Reverse?  

Snake oil salesman, um, I mean Nobel Prize economist Paul Krugman is once again doing what economists seem incapable of not doing: making a prediction. This time he says the […]

It’s not about competition – it’s about our standard of living Opponents of the government loans to the Big Three Auto companies contend that if American companies cannot compete they […]