Daily Archives: February 16, 2006

A good day for Silicon Valley press

Here is a followup story by the San Jose Mercury News on the confrontation between leading Valley tech cos. and Congress over the issue of human rights in China. Note the irony of this story – it represents the kind of independence of the press that China does not allow. It is that freedom that helps build great technology companies yet that freedom is now being undermined by those same companies.


Dark Day for Silicon Valley in Washington

Silicon Valley is supposed to represent what is most progressive and successful about this country. That this is partly myth was made abundantly clear today in Washington. Major Valley companies hid behind their lawyers who attempted to avoid tough questions on their companies’ role in aiding and abetting human rights violations in China. Unfortunately, it was, with the exception of Tom Lantos, mostly Republicans who led the charge while Democrats often tried to deflect the attacks.

Here is one account from the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times: Big Internet companies grilled on China stance