Daily Archives: August 2, 2007

Bit Player: LA Times blog

Finding a single source that helps keep one abreast of all of the new technological developments that may impact the EMI sector is certainly not easy. I live and work in the heart of Silicon Valley a stone’s throw from the most important VC funds and technology companies in the world and many of my students come from technology companies on their way into law firms that represent tech cos. and I am still amazed at how hard it is to keep track of the changes underway much less sort out their social and political implications.

But I came across this blog on the LA Times site today that is trying to cover this arena and thought I would bring it to everyone’s attention. It is called “Bit Player” (get it?) and as an example it has a couple of posts this week on the very interesting debate about webcasting royalties that is underway. So check it out. I will add a link to it here alongside a few other blogs that I think are helpful in this arena.

Los Angeles Times: Bit Player Blog